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Steven Moffat on the TV show he had to abandon

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As he’s noted in recent interviews, the workload that Steven Moffat has had to juggle over the last couple of years has not been on the small side. His commitments to both Sherlock and Doctor Who have left very little room to explore much else, and he’s now revealed that he had another TV show greenlit – but simply never had the time to do it!

Talking to the excellent Doctor Who Fan Show, Moffat confirmed that the show was called Adam And Eve, and it would have been a sitcom about a PA and their boss. The pair being long term friends, but never more than that.

He would have made the show with producer Sue Vertue, and it got to the stage where she “had done a wall planner of what it meant to write all three series, and I said I can’t. That’s just not possible. I can’t do all three of those, one of them has to go”.

As such, Moffat stayed committed to Sherlock and Doctor Who, whilst Adam And Eve bit the dust.

The Fan Show episode where Moffat discusses all of this is right here: