Steven Moffat promises ‘tragedy’ in ‘Doctor Who’ New York episode

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The Doctor Who team are currently filming on location in New York for Episode 5 of the new series, directed by Nick Hurran.

Speaking to BBC America about what to expect in the New York episode, Moffat teased: “Oh, tragedy! There will be Weeping Angels there. We’re not going to go there and film in a back street that we could have done in Cardiff.”

Asked if the New York filming was aimed at pleasing American fans, the writer responded: “To be absolutely honest with you, I don’t think American fans care whether we set shows in America. It’s not like they’re starved of shows set in America. It’s just that it’s a different backdrop to the story.”

He added: “Something with Weeping Angels in New York seemed to make sense to me… It’s not to appeal to an American audience particularly. They don’t come to Doctor Who to see themselves, they come to see us.”

Moffat had previously announced: “Amy and Rory will leave in a final encounter with the Weeping Angels… Not everyone gets out alive and I mean it this time.”

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