Steven Moffat staying with ‘Doctor Who’ for Season 10

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Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat will apparently remain as showrunner for at least another season.

The co-creator of Sherlock joined as Doctor Who‘s executive producer for Matt Smith’s first season in 2010 and Wales Online reports that Moffat has “just signed up for another year” on the show.

Season 10 will be his sixth season of Doctor Who.

Russell T Davies was showrunner for five years from 2005-2009, while John Nathan-Turner was Doctor Who‘s longest-serving showrunner to date, producing the show from 1980 until 1989.

Speaking in New York last week, Moffat also responded to criticism about his writing of female characters: “These are strong women. If anyone needs rescuing, it’s the Doctor.”

Doctor Who Kill the Moon Clara

Season 9 began filming in Cardiff in January and will air on BBC One this autumn.

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