Stunning new TARDIS revealed in Doctor Who special

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A beautiful new TARDIS interior was unveiled toward the end of the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special The Star Beast.

@doctorwho The BIG reveal – watch the Doctor and Donna react to the brand new TARDIS interior! 🟦 #DoctorWho ♬ original sound – Doctor Who

The new interior was every bit a surprise to the Fourteenth Doctor as it was to his companion Donna Noble. When last we saw the interior of TARDIS in The Power of the Doctor, it (and the Doctor) had a much different appearance. The time-and-space machine redecorated — and the Doctor likes it!

The doctor likes it so much he takes a joyful victory lap around its many ramps and levels.

Though it is the most vast TARDIS interior set ever built, the centre console is a very traditional hexagonal shape and fans will be pleased to see a very familiar-looking central rotor.

And the console has a special coffee maker with delivers coffee by the cup.

The most unique thing about the new interior is that the lighted rondels change colour, transforming the look of the interior.

The TARDIS will take the Doctor and Donna to the “edge of adventure” at a mysterious new location with fresh perils in Wild Blue Yonder, the second of three Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials starring David Tennant on 2 December at 6:30pm exclusively on BBC One and iPlayer in the UK and Ireland and will be available on the same date exclusively on Disney+ everywhere else.