Tracy-Ann Oberman would be ‘over the moon’ to appear in ‘Torchwood’

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Best known for her role in EastEnders as Chrissie Watts between 2004-2005, the actress appeared as Hartman – director of the London branch of the Torchwood Institute – in the two-part finale of Doctor Who‘s 2006 series.

In an interview with CultBox, Oberman recalled her Doctor Who role: “That was the highlight of my career because I’m such a massive Doctor Who fan. To be in it was so exciting. I always remember Russell [T Davies] at the time saying ‘oh maybe she could come back in a parallel universe?’, so you never know.”

The former EastEnders star is currently taking part in ITV1’s new entertainment series Born To Shine, which continues at 8pm on Sunday night.

She added: “It’s brilliant that [Torchwood has] become so successful in America as well.”

Episode 3 of Torchwood: Miracle Day airs at 9pm tonight on BBC One.

Doctor Who returns for the second half of Series 6 in Steven Moffat’s ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ on Saturday 27th August.

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Watch the trailer for Tracy-Ann Oberman’s first Doctor Who episode…