What we learned so far about Doctor Who: Flux

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Here is a recap of what we’ve learned from the first episode of Doctor Who: Flux, The Halloween Apocalypse.

The Flux
The Flux is a destructive force which spreads like a storm and disobeys the laws of time and space, ripping through the structure of the universe, disrupting every particle it touches. The flux destroys the Thoribus Trifecta system and threatens the planet Earth on Halloween night. The Ravagers and the warmongering Sontarans welcome the chaos the Flux brings.

The Ravagers

Two beings are called Ravagers, Swarm (Sam Spruell) and his sister Azure (Rochenda Sandall). Although she can’t remember, the Doctor fought Swarm, a remnant of the Burnished Rage battleground. The Division (the secret Time Lord agency) imprisoned him until he renewed himself into a new body and escaped. The Division has wiped the Doctor’s memory of many things, including the Ravagers. Azure lived in the Artic Circle with Jón as an unknowing sleeper agent in the form of a human named Anna until Swarm retrieved her.

Karvanista and the Lupari

Karvanista is a Lupari and the only living Division operative the Doctor can find. The Lupari have a species-bound genetic obligation to protect humanity and Karvanista is in charge of protecting Dan Lewis. Lupari spaceships are resistant to the destructive forces of the Flux. We will see Karvanista and the Lupari again in future episodes of Flux. A remaining question is whether Karvanista can change appearance. Craige Els, the actor who plays Karvanista, also played Dan’s’ work mate in the clip which introduced John Bishop’s character. It’s possible the clip is a stand-alone and the same actor was used out of convenience as the actors are grouped in the same COVID-19 bubbles.


Vinder (Jacob Anderson) is the lone staff member at Observation Post Rose. Vinder observes the Flux destroy the Thoribus Trifecta system before he escapes in a pod. We will see Vinder again in the second chapter of Flux, War of the Sontarans when he investigates the Temple of Atropos.


The Sontarans (Johnathan Watson and Dan Starkey) make a brief appearance in The Halloween Apocalypse, welcoming the the prospect of suffering and bloodshed provided by the Flux. We will see the Sontarans fight the British in a Crimean War battle in War of the Sontarans.

Claire and the Weeping Angels

Claire (Annabel Scholey) is someone the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and Yaz (Mandip Gill) will see again in their future and Claire’s past. Claire has an unfortunate encounter with a Weeping Angel after speaking with the Doctor and Yaz. Both Claire and the Weeping Angels will feature in a future episode of Flux.

Dan Lewis and Diane Curtis

Dan (John Bishop) has such enthusiasm for Liverpool that Diane (Nadia Albina) must stop him from acting as an unofficial tour guide at the Museum of Liverpool. Dan is a bit down on his luck and works at a food bank though he could benefit from being a client. Dan lives in a house near Anfield Stadium. Dan and Diane share an attraction and when Diane waits to meet Dan, she is compelled into a mysterious portal which deposits her knee-deep in water in an underground tunnel with Ravager Azure. We must wait for a future episode to see what becomes of Diane.

Joseph Williamson

Williamson (Steve Oram) is a genuine historical character from Liverpool history who excavated tunnels under the Edge Hill area of Liverpool. He seems to have mysterious and urgent reasons for the construction. He’s preparing for the impossible, the cataclysm which lies ahead.

Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Jamie Magnus Stone, the second chapter of Doctor Who: Flux, War of the Sontarans will will air 7 November on BBC One at 6:15pm BT and on BBC America at 8:00pm ET.