Jon Pertwee’s son Sean says “there were noises made” about a Doctor Who appearance

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Issue number 540 of Doctor Who Magazine contains an exclusive interview with Sean Pertwee where he was asked if he would like to appear in Doctor Who. He answered cautiously but enthusiastically.

“I have been…” he breaks off. “I should be careful what I say, but there were noises made about me being involved in some capacity.” He’s saying no more. “I would very much like to do that, as an ode to my father, if I was lucky enough to be asked.”

“People will focus on it, because of my relationship with the Doctor Who family,so it would have to be something a little more interesting… an evil son or something weird. You figure it out. I don’t know what, but I would like to do something, as an ode to my dad. I really would.”


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Guess Who I’m going as tonight ? #isthereadoctorinthehouse #nyc

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Though Sean Pertwee dressed as his father’s third Doctor for Halloween of 2014, he is not interested in playing the role.

“I think I might leave that to the uber-talented Mark Gatiss. The fact of the matter is, they’re too big a pair of Cuban heels to fill. I couldn’t do something like that. It would be too strange.”

The latest issue of the magazine, available on newsstands now, features Jon Pertwee on the cover and celebrates his 100th birthday and 50 years since he was cast as the Doctor.