Kevin Alejandro talks Lucifer 5B

Kevin Alejandro talks Lucifer 5B to TV Line including his connection to God

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Kevin Alejandro talks Lucifer 5B and gives some fascinating insights to TV Line (with mild spoilers)

If you’re a fan of Lucifer and counting down the hours until next week, heartily recommend this article on TV Line, in which Kevin Alejandro talks Lucifer 5B.

We won’t steal any of their thunder, but if you haven’t read it yet, we will tell you it covers two big areas, both of which we’ve been keen to see develop (as discussed here).

God actually…

As we imagined, Dan is still dealing with the revelation of Lucifer’s identity and we look forward to similar scenes with Maze and Amenadiel. Does this have any connection to why Dr Linda Martin hits him in the trailer? Only one week to go!

Central to the season mid-point (which Alejando directed) is God’s arrival on Earth. We know he stays for a while, but how does he interact with the main characters? We’ve seen the family dinner scene with Lucifer, Michael, Amenadiel and Linda, as well as Chloe’s blunt assessment of his parenting skills. We now know Dan is also in the know, and there’s a connection between the two linking back to season 2. Awkward!

Naked and afraid

Alejandro also talked about his character’s episode Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid and how challenging it was as an actor. There’s also a big hint the ending is something important. This all adds to our anticipation, and next Friday can’t come soon enough here at Cultbox.

What part of the rest of Lucifer season 5 are you most excited for? Do let us know in the comments.