Loki leaves the others in its wake after The Nexus Event

Loki leaves the competition standing in the latest Nielsen ratings

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After four episodes, Loki leaves all other shows a long way behind in the latest Nielsens. We take a closer look…

With The Nexus Event, Loki is now four episodes into its first season and still tops the Nielsens. Last week we said:

We see Loki still keeping hold of the top slot, but won’t be surprised at a Bosch challenge, and it may well displace Lucifer

We’ll give ourselves 3/3 for that, and promise to do as well again this week. In fact we also predicted churn and bigger numbers, so let’s call it 5/5!

We’ve a new intake of interns at Cultbox corporate HQ and we armed them with the latest shiny laptops to dissect the data from a dozen angles. Out conclusions follow below.

The Nielsen data for 28 June- 4 July

Note this period ends with US Independence Day, and the figures are US only. We take them from the published Nielsen data, and add the columns marked with ‘*’.

Rank Streamer Series # Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 DISNEY+ Loki 4 45 813 18,066,667
2 AMAZON Bosch 64 43 490 11,395,349
3 NETFLIX Lucifer 83 50 450 9,000,000
4 NETFLIX Sex/Life 8 48 449 9,354,167
5 NETFLIX Too Hot To Handle 19 45 395 8,777,778
6 NETFLIX Sweet Tooth 8 45 256 5,688,889
7 NETFLIX The Seven Deadly Sins 75 24 255 10,625,000
8 NETFLIX Workin’ Moms 57 22 247 11,227,273
9 HULU The Handmaid’s Tale 46 50 209 4,180,000
10 NETFLIX Sophie: A Murder In West 3 55 206 3,745,455


Loki leaves the others standing

The obvious take aways are as per our prediction; a 1:2:3 of Loki:Bosch:Lucifer. Look a bit harder (and compare to last week in the link above) — Loki has added more than 10% to its viewing in the week in question (perhaps encouraged by the excellence of the previous week’s Lamentis), Bosch is up but Lucifer has dropped a lot relatively. The biggest gap is between #1 and #2, with the other gaps more evenly distributed than we often get.

What else happened?

There’s a lot of churn again, and Sweet Tooth is falling away (though has a second season to celebrate), whereas perennial presence The Handmaid’s Tale is still managing to keep in the top 10. Reality show Too Hot To Handle debuts at #5 with its second season, though doesn’t beat sizzling drama Sex/Life.

What next?

The easy predictions are Loki to keep top, Bosch to keep top three with Lucifer fading for a couple of weeks until we hit the halo effect from the SDCC news. There will be more churn with titles moving in and out of the chart, and we may wave farewell to The Handmaid’s Tale. Whatever happens, we’ll bring our unique perspective as always!