Lucifer: Everything we can tell you about Season 6

Lucifer: Everything we can tell you about season 6 in a new video

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With the intriguing title of Lucifer: Everything we can tell you about season 6 we have yet another trailer for next week’s release. We walk you through it

In case you’ve not been paying attention, Lucifer season 6 (aka All Bad Things Come to an End) arrives on Netflix on Friday September 10. We’ve been promised a bittersweet ending for the show (there is no season 7) but also plenty of fun (and we don’t just mean animated episode Yabba Dabba Do Me). Does this new video tell us anything new? Let’s dive in…

Lucifer: Everything we can tell you about season 6

The video (available on YouTube if you’ve not seen or, or want to watch first) runs at 3:42. There’s plenty of moments from the show’s previous seasons, as well as some new material. It starts with a tour of various filming locations, including the Lux building and the home of an entire episode The Magic Castle, Hollywood. Something special also happens at the Disney Concert Hall, home to the LA Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Time Jump

lucifer goes back to the future in season 6 DeLorean

We know there’s a slight gap between the high-drama that ended season 5 (see our 5B review) and season 6. It’s a good narrative device to skip forward a little and show how various pieces have fallen, rather than watching them as they all fall into place. This acts like a soft-reset to the characters and generally freshens up a narrative. We see Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) very much happy together while Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandy) and Eve (Inbar Lavi) are having some teething trouble with their relationship.

One thing we’ve really enjoyed over the seasons is seeing how Mazikeen has had a story arc almost as rich as Lucifer’s.

The time jump also gives Amenadiel (DB Woodside) time to get on with his police training, so he is able to get involved in various investigations, and link various threads together. This includes Dan (Kevin Alejandro) giving advice, either in spirit / ghost / vision or resurrected form [we know Dan is back in some way, we just don’t know how, more later]. Ella, meanwhile, has had less development and clearly feels left behind by everyone else moving on with Chloe retiring from the LAPD. The trailer makes it clear this isn’t the end of Lucifer or Chloe’s popping into the precinct.

Meanwhile Heaven calls… and don’t forget Hell

While Lucifer became God at the end of season 5 (as far as everyone knows), there’s a lot of doubt as to just what that means, as well as scepticism from various quarters. As this includes Lucifer himself, what other course has he but to seek therapy again with Dr Linda (Rachel Harris)? Then there’s season villain and fellow ambitious angel Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), who appears to be making a deal with Dan… colour us intrigued.

Other teases

Lucifer and poss Ella season 6

There’s a quick-fire round of pixellated people and bleeped out details, though some of it is obvious, including Chloe and her new-found powers (more on that elsewhere). We even get a glimpse of a certain recently cast down angel scrubbing floors, so maybe brother trouble didn’t all end with the big battle of angels? Meanwhile Ella is losing the plot (and socks) and surely must be about to find out just what’s really going on? Surely?

So, there we are, plenty to excite fans and the rate of recent revelations doesn’t rule out more before Friday. Meanwhile you’ve time for one last re-watch! Don’t forget to watch the new video!