Lucifer season 6 musical monents

Lucifer season 6 musical moments now on YouTube

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Relive your favourite Lucifer season 6 musical memories — we show you how

Throughout the seasons, there’s been plenty of music in Lucifer, peaking (or so we thought) in season 5 with Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam. Of course a new season (and check out our season 6 review) means more musical moments, and they’ve been collected together on YouTube.

Where are the Lucifer season 6 musical moments?

It’s actually pretty simple to answer; they are on the NetflixSound YouTube channel, currently dedicated to both season 5 and season 6 (no other shows at present). In terms of season 6, there’s:

Lucifer and Busty singing Tramp from episode 2

Lucifer singing You Got It in episode 6

Maze and Eve’s wedding in episode 7

Chloe and Lucifer Last Dance in episode 9

Of the whole season, while we didn’t feel we needed much music after Karaoke Jam, our favourite we’ve kept for last:

Lucifer and Rory sing Bridge Over Troubled Water in episode 6

Earlier seasons had their moments, and it’s not all Tom Ellis, but we still think our all time favourite Lucifer song is the opening of season 4, when Lucifer sings Creep by Radiohead. Again. And again. And again… [we found a one hour loop on Netflix, but really just watch on Netflix!]