Lucifer season 6 review

Lucifer season 6 review — the Devil gets his due, and some surprises

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Welcome to our Lucifer season 6 review — short version, we loved it!

So. Lucifer season 6. The final season. The one added after what was originally the final season. There were tears, animation, easter eggs, character returns and even a few surprises. Written very much with the fans in mind (without whom it would have ended after season 3), it kept true to the show’s values, brought some expected endings, yet found new ways to bring some insight into the character of Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and the love he shares with Chloe Decker (Lauren Decker). First off there’s just the matter of becoming God to deal with. Oh, and Rory the previously unknown angel (Brianna Hildebrand) who seems very keen to destroy Lucifer. Let’s dive into our Lucifer season 6 review (as spoiler free as possible)…

In the beginning

Chloe and Lucifer season 6

As various trailers have revealed, the series calls back to the original Pilot episode, and season 6 does kick off with a reprise of the original motorcycle cop bribery scene. To us it doesn’t quite work, and in a lot of ways we felt the season opener spent too long reminding us where we left off, then quickly showing us key players not quite doing what they’d been expected to.

The resetting seemed a little heavy-handed, and not entirely needed as the gap between season 5B and season 6 hasn’t been that long. It does, though, explain why Dan is still in Hell, and Lucifer’s inability to move him on.

New angel in town

Rory the angel from Lucifer

After the first episode, things pick up pace, and it’s not long before unknown angel Rory comes on stage and drops a sequence of big reveals. This is where the season gets definition, this is where the writers found a new angle on Lucifer to explore, one that really challenges his preconceptions about himself. The Rory arc, while short, does give the season a clear purpose, alongside trying to get Dan to Heaven, Ella being the only main character apart from Trixie not to know about Celestials.

There’s also Amenadiel exploring institutional racism in the LAPD, and there’s even a marriage (despite attempts to sabotage it). So it’s the usual mix of serious, fun and character moments.

And in the end

Chloe Decker

In the end the season is as much about Chloe (as we thought) as it is Lucifer and Rory. And here there’s a clear line from exploring super-strength, through being overwhelmed by power, through her connection to the LAPD, motherhood and the implications of mortality. In the end, while the second last episode packs some very emotional farewells, it’s Chloe for whom we feel most compassion at the end.

While most characters end up where we expected them to, and the shape of Lucifer/ Chloe’s ending is heavily presaged, it’s the production and performances giving these moments massive emotional punch that works. Many of our theories panned out in some detail (eg this one [spoiler]), but it didn’t stop the enjoyment and sense the show has ended well.

There’s even a what happened next montage of events following the season climax, and it’s all good, and giving us chance to process what’s just happened. Even the final scene balances old faces with typical Lucifer humour then a moment of pure joy.

The season was very much written for fans, and they shouldn’t be disappointed, though some might not like the finality of the ending. We loved it! You can watch seasons 4-6 (UK viewers at time of writing) on Netflix now.