Lucifer tops Parrot ratings

Lucifer tops Parrot ratings for Digital Originals with season 5B

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Lucifer tops Parrot ratings for Digital Originals with the recent release of season 5B — we unpack what that means

As you’ll have noticed with our recent Nielsen coverage, we do like viewing ratings on Cultbox, and are always open to new data. While it’s often interesting to compare a rating as it changes week on week, we now have a different rating system  (from Parrot Analytics) so expect more interpretation as we triangulate their data with other sources.

What are the Parrot ratings?

Parrot Analytics uses its own patent Global Demand Measurement, and our Cultbox data analytics interns are fascinated at the wealth of data. We liked the graphics. Essentially Parrot looks at demand for a series compared to market average (no we don’t know how). We do know they also look into their data, reporting trends in a way we find accessible.

Lucifer tops Parrot ratings — but only for Digital Originals

The actual Parrot ratings article leads with a combined chart for the US across all platforms, not just streaming. Here it’s interesting to note the #1 is Spongebob Squarepants, nearly 74 times more popular than the average series. The rest of the top 5 are: My Hero Academia (55 times), Saturday Night Live (53.6 times), Game of Thrones (53.3 times) and finally Lucifer (48.3 times).

At this point we’ll duck down into the Digital Original Chart (C) Parrot Analytics:

Digital Original Top 10 - 30 May - 5 June 2021 Digital Original

As you can see there’s a lot to take in. This covers the week of May 28 when Lucifer 5B was released and demand shot up by 66% (according to Parrot). Other shows returning to the top 10 in this group are Titans and The BoysThe latter is a long ways off returning to our screens, which may explain why the marketing is continuing to fill the gap (eg Starlight’s song for Translucent.) Back to the chart and Lucifer only just beats Stranger Things by a small margin, with several other familiar titles in the list (most of which are firm favourites here at Cultbox Towers).

We’ll keep an eye on how the Parrot ratings progress and map them across to the Nielsens here and there. Don’t forget, the Nielsens are about direct viewing figures, the Parrot takes in several other facets of a show’s popularity.