More French content from Netlfix - Lupin

More new French content to come from Netflix in the wake of Lupin

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix plans more French content to sit alongside Lupin

The ratings success of Lupin, was always going to lead to more French content, and we now have some details. Overall, there are plans to produce or launch a total of 27 films, series, and documentaries this year. Earlier this week several films and series were announced; here is our summary.

New French content: series

The two series cover a lot of bases, from science fiction to gritty crime. We wonder if we’ll also see any more romantic or comedic announced.

The 7 lives of Lea, created by Charlotte Sanson (How I became a Superhero) and produced by Empreinte Digitale, tells the story of a teenager who travels back in time to 1991 and finds herself waking up every morning in the body of a different person. We wonder why 1991? Thirty years ago, but we probably won’t get this series until 2022 (it’s filming now according to Sanson’s IMDB profile). This is definitely a show we’ll be keeping an eye on.

The other is the thriller Bendo from by Nawell Madani, in which a TV journalist, must unite with her sisters to try and pay back €2 million to a major drug dealer before the end of Ramadan. Madani is listed as  writer/actor/director on IMDB.

New French content: films

The tranche of films includes A tombeau ouvert [An Open Tomb], Régis Blondeau’s adaptation of the Korean actioner A Hard Day (2014), starring Franck Gastambide (Validé) and Simon Abkarian (Kaboul Kitchen). There are also two sequels: a follow-up to On the Other Side of the Tracks from Louis Leterrier, starring Omar Sy (Lupin), and the sequel to Guillaume Pierret’s Netflix feature Lost Bullet, which racked up some 37 million views over its first 28 days in release on the platform.

As ever, we’ll keep you informed as more news emerges.