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Picard season 2 gets trailer and start date as part of Star Trek Day

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There’s an official trailer for Picard season 2 as well a start date — sadly not until 2022

Among the many news items from Star Trek Day, we have an official trailer for Star Trek Picard season 2. It takes many of the hints we have already seen, and builds them into something more complete (as far as any trailer can!) The downside? We won’t be seeing the new season on Amazon until February 2022.

If the flow in the trailer is the plot, it starts with the appearance of Q, reminding Picard the trial never ends. Cue a big reset of history, and Picard assembling the crew for a time trip. The Borg Queen appears here, before a trip back… to the twentieth century…

While it looks very well made and easy to describe, we worry there is only one route through, which is uncomfortable sacrifice in the past before everything goes back to how it was. If it’s all just a giant reset switch story, we will be disappointed — we need real character dilemma, perhaps 7of9 preferring a past where she never becomes Borg, or at least some sense of a real moral dilemma Star Trek hasn’t done before.

We’ll be wiser in February. Until then we’ve the trailer.