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Polly’s Story: free Big Finish audio for Doctor Who Day!

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Today (November 23) is Doctor Who day, and Big Finish has a gift for us — the first part of a Companion Chronicles adventure, Polly’s Story.

To celebrate 57 years of Doctor Who, Big Finish is giving listeners the chance to get part one, Polly’s Story, performed by Anneke Wills, Nicholas Courtney and John Pickard, completely free for one week only. 

This feature-length episode will be available to download exclusively from the website’s Weekly Deals page at 

The Three Companions by Marc Platt

Polly Wright has tracked down an old friend of the Doctor’s… Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, former Brigadier at UNIT. As they trade stories of their time travelling in the TARDIS, it soon becomes clear that their pasts are intertwined, and linked to a current crisis on the planet Earth. And there’s a third companion, watching them from a distance. A certain Thomas Brewster…

An epic story featuring the Doctor’s former companions Polly, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Thomas Brewster in a fight to save the Earth, The Three Companions was previously released in serialised form and is available to hear in a new compilation edit for the first time.

For a limited time only, Big Finish listeners can also get 50% OFF the complete collection of Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles  The Specials as a download, at the Weekly Deals page (link above.) 

Plus, the complete series 1-8 of Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles are now available for download at 50% OFF when bought together as a bundle. 

All the above offers end at 23:59 (UK time) on 29 November 2020.

Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles – The Specials was the final recording at Big Finish of Nicholas Courtney, who passed away in February 2011. 

Originally released as twelve ten-minute segments included at the end of the Doctor Who Monthly Adventures audio range, Marc Platt’s The Three Companions is now compiled into one cohesive whole as part of Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles – The Specials collection.

Throughout 2020, Big Finish has released a selection of giveaways entitled LOCKDOWNLOADS. These are made available to download exclusively from the Big Finish web site’s Weekly Deals page at for one week only. Each story can be unlocked by anyone who has registered for a Big Finish account (which is free to create) and played on the Big Finish listening app (which is free to install). Accompanying each free release is a selection of discounts on related titles.