Blake's 7

Blake’s 7: Origins – Terry Nation’s first 14 scripts to be novelised

Big Finish announce exciting plans to novelise the earliest episodes in Limited Edition hardback format.  Audio producers Big Finish have been keepers of the Blake’s 7 flame for many years. From their full-cast audios starring original cast members, to narrator-led series The Liberator Chronicles, they’ve been busily adding to the universe first envisioned by Terry … >

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Doctor Who Polly

Polly’s Story: free Big Finish audio for Doctor Who Day!

Today (November 23) is Doctor Who day, and Big Finish has a gift for us — the first part of a Companion Chronicles adventure, Polly’s Story. To celebrate 57 years of Doctor Who, Big Finish is giving listeners the chance to get part one, Polly’s Story, performed by Anneke Wills, Nicholas Courtney and John Pickard, completely free for one week only.  … >

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Fourth Doctor Adventures S9 Vol 1 cover art

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9 Volume 1 audio review

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9 Volume 1 returns us to Tom Baker’s final season on-screen. Set during the “E-Space trilogy”, it reunites the Doctor with Romana II, Adric and K9 for the first time on audio. Notwithstanding some interesting stories, and our favourite version of Tom’s outfit, we find this era of Doctor Who hard work. … >

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Doctor Who: The Behemoth review

Marc Platt’s Doctor Who story The Behemoth, is the first in a set of three audio releases for Colin Baker’s sixth Doctor and his two Big Finish companions, Flip (Lisa Greenwood) and Constance Clark (Miranda Raison). For a change it’s a pure historical tale, set in 1756 Bath. The Doctor is setting tongues wagging, but … >

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