Quantum Leap - Raymond Lee as Ben Seong

Quantum Leap – showrunners talk about a “new playground of history”

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It’s not long until Dr. Ben Seong will step in the Quantum Leap accelerator… and vanish! 

With excitement for the Quantum Leap revival building, especially here at CultBox Towers, we were thrilled to see showrunners Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt talking about the show to Entertainment Weekly.

In an exclusive preview, ahead of the San Diego Comic Con, the pair have set the scene for their version. They both grew up on the original and Wynbrandt is keen to emphasise the connection:

“It was important to follow in their footsteps by continuing the legacy and introduce our audience to a new set of characters and new story while connecting the two worlds.”

Meanwhile, the show’s new star Raymond Lee – who plays scientist Dr. Ben Seong – was introduced by a friend:

“I remember distinctly in sixth grade, it was my best friend’s favorite show, and I thought he was such an adult watching something like Quantum Leap. By watching with my friend, I became a fan.”


Co-showrunner Steven Lillen also talks about the show’s core relationship between its leaper Ben Seong and his holographic partner, Addison. We can expect banter, like with the original Sam/Al dynamic, but also something more:

“Their relationship runs deeper than just being a hologram. They have a close relationship.”

New Quantum Leap

Make of that what you will!

The ones we leave behind

Wynbrandt also addresses the focus on the Quantum Leap project in the present day. The team left behind will be investigating Ben Seong’s decision to leap when he did:

“This is a family that is being thrown into upheaval because someone they love and trust has done something unexpected by leaving without telling them. It has a huge ripple effect on all their relationships and lives.”

We’re looking forward to this added dimension, which existed for the original show primarily in off-screen media such as the tie-in novels by Ashley McConnell and others.

(L-R) Ernie Hudson as Herbert "Magic" Williams, Nanrisa Lee as Jenn, Mason Alexander Park as Ian, Caitlin Bassett as Addison in Quantum Leap Photo: Serguei Bachlakov/NBC

We also learned a little more about the decision to use the character of Herbert “Magic” Williams. Appearing in the original pivotal ‘The Leap Home: Part 2’, he was a member of Sam Beckett’s brother’s ill-fated Vietnam unit. Through “Magic” (Ernie Hudson), the show’s new father figure, we will gain insight into the impact of leaping on a subject’s life. Lillen says:

“Those are memorable episodes, so it wasn’t hard to gravitate toward that world and find a character we always responded to.”

Finally, Lillen talks about the show’s new timeframe calling it a “new playground of history”:

“There are so many incredible events to touch on from the last 30 years. To hear the music, to remind people what we were wearing and how we wore our hair and talked. It’s exciting to tell this story right now, to look back and to bring it to a modern audience.”

Quantum Leap will land at NBC on Monday, September 19th (at 10 pm ET).

We’re still waiting on confirmation of a UK broadcaster – however with Sky’s Peacock tie-up, it seems highly likely to appear there. We’ll keep you posted.