Shatner in Space – follow the actor’s mission to the stars!

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William Shatner’s October ride on Blue Origin has been documented for Prime Video.

We all looked on with bemusement, and perhaps a little envy, as the actor who played Star Trek‘s Captain Kirk became a space tourist.

Wry comments aside, it was genuinely fascinating to see the nonagenarian performer suiting up for a real space mission. Even if it was a brief launch on a strangely inappropriate looking rocket belonging to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

Whether a triumph of human endeavour or a shocking waste of money, the trip made the headlines. Although most of them riffed on Star Trek quotes like “Where no man has gone before”.

Shatner in Space

So, the whole endeavour, from the build up to the ten minute flight itself has been recorded. Turned into an hour-long documentary, it also promises to follow “the growing friendship between the Star Trek icon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, whose dreams of space travel, like many, were inspired by the original Star Trek series.” Make of that what you will.

Speaking after the event, Shatner said: “My time in space was the most profound experience I could have ever imagined. This special documenting my journey gives a dramatic view of that experience, and my hope is that it inspires the world to see we must go to space to save Earth.”

Shatner in Space is produced by Amazon Studios, Blue Origin, Film 45, Jason Ehrlich Productions, and Bright Spot Content.

It will be available to stream on Prime Video on the 15th of December in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US. Other territories have to wait until early 2022.