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Space: 1999 & UFO – James Swallow writes for Anderson Entertainment

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Space: 1999 -The Armageddon Engine and UFO Shadow Play arrive on Breakaway Day. 

Anderson Entertainment have announced that James Swallow is to write new novellas for two of its classic titles. Swallow is no stranger to cult tv titles, with bestselling credits in the worlds of Star Trek, Doctor Who, Dan Dare and Star Cops.

Swallow will pen Space: 1999 -The Armageddon Engine and UFO Shadow Play, both to be published on September 13th 2024. For the uninitiated, that’s “Breakaway Day”, the annual celebration of the in-universe date in Space: 1999 when the Moon was set loose from its orbit.

Both novellas have a cryptic synopsis, with the UFO one heavily redacted, as befits the secret organisation of SHADO.

Space: 1999 – The Armageddon Engine

Adrift in deep space, Commander John Koenig and the people of Moonbase Alpha face an uncertain fate when a <!— Signal Lost —!>

James Swallow Anderson novellas - Space: 1999 - The Armageddon Engine & UFO Shadow Play

UFO Shadow Play

The last line of defence in a XXXXXXXXXXX SHADO is all that stands between XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – and leading that fight is the uncompromising Ed Straker, commanding Earth’s defenders around the clock. But what happens when xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXX? After an experiment goes wrong, XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX – but is it the result XXXXXXXXXXXXX, or has XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Facing danger from within and without, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX… even if it kills him.

James Swallow said:

“Growing up, ’Space: 1999’ and ’UFO’ were a big part of my sci-fi landscape, and so it’s been great fun for me to revisit these characters to tell some exciting new stories. Gerry Anderson’s creations are unique, retro classics and I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Jamie and everyone at Anderson Entertainment for this new era of adventures.” 

Anderson Entertainment’s Jamie Anderson added:

“We started to publish non-fiction titles in late 2021, and since then we’ve been working with our partners at ITV Studios to create new stories based on these amazing TV shows. Working with James has been a real pleasure. He’s a genuine fan and we’re sure that they’ll appeal to long-time as well as new readers. We have much more to come.”

Both stories are to be published in limited-edition hardback and paperback editions. Swallow suggests on his blog that e-book and audiobook versions may also follow at a later date.

You can pre-order both novellas at The Official Jerry Anderson Store now.