Spyfall, Part 2: behind the scenes

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The BBC shared a video which includes the filming of the scene of the plummeting aeroplane in the second episode of Doctor Who Series 12, Spyfall: Part 2. It includes cast interviews.

Director of Photography Ed Moore shared a photo of filming the inventors exhibition scene.


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Shooting the Victorian exhibition scene with The Jodie. 18K Arrimaxes through all the windows. #doctorwho

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Aurora Marion shared several photos of herself, Jodie Whittaker and Sylvie Briggs from the Spyfall: Part 2 filming on her Instagram post. She revealed that a scene was cut of Noor Inayat Khan’s execution after she was captured as an enemy spy by the Nazis.


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And now the episode is out I can finally tell you…. In March last year I left a low to no budget set in Mani (Greece) to get to London for a last minute casting call. Landing in Brussels a week later to play at the European Parliament, I get the one and final « yes » from my agent and the production. I was Noor Inayat Khan for the BBC production of doctor who! She is the first female British spy to be sent to Paris during the second world war. My first time as a period character, my first time on a show of this scale, my first death by guns on set (Noor got shot by the nazis, not in the final cut though)… I feel ever so grateful to have spent a few days in Cardiff to shoot these impressive scenes and to have met all these incredible beings there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to meet the non-human and the special effects were…waow…of another planet!!! My few days in Cardiff back and forth were a blast! Thank you thank you @bbc for giving me this exciting opportunity! {pic1 first day ever in Cardiff, pic2 Noor Inhayat Khan before the wig, pic3 with the wig, pic4 the set, pic5 my partners in crime-the doctor and Ada, pic6 full outfit photo shoot, pic7 dop, pic8 my Ada Lovelace and me, pic9 monitor} it looks like I’m still very excited just by looking at these behind the scenes snaps…🤩 • . . #doctorwho #noorinhayatkhan #britishspy #spyfall #part2 #bbc @doctorwho_bbca @bbcdoctorwho

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Frequent Doctor Who extra and creature actor Jon Davey played one of Daniel Barton’s henchmen.

Camera Assistant Gwilym Jenner created a special slate for the Spyfall series.

Sacha Dhawan shared the ideas for the creating of The Master’s costume which helped inspire his performance.

Ed Moore shared another post from the filming in Tenerife of the Doctor’s painful return to Gallifrey.

We will share more information about the filming and production of Doctor Who Series 12 after each episode airs.