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Star Trek: Prodigy finds a UK home at Nickelodeon (updated)

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The animated series is coming to our screens this month.

Updated 25/04/22: Star Trek: Prodigy starts tonight and episodes are stripped across the week.

Thanks to the useful people at NickALive!, we can confirm that the new animated show Star Trek: Prodigy begins tonight at 6pm.

Following the launch, episodes will air on weekdays and each will be repeated the same evening at 8pm, as well as on the following day at 8am and 1.30pm.

Star Trek: Prodigy is scheduled to run until Friday, 6th of May, so that means we’re getting the first half of the first season. These are the episodes which appeared on Paramount+ between October 2021 and this February.

Broadcaster Nickelodeon UK & Eire are running a couple of short promos for the show;



Kate Mulgrew, who reprises her role as former USS Voyager captain Janeway, spoke to Radio Times about her initial trepidation regarding the show. In an exclusive interview with Huw Fullerton, she explained her concerns for her character’s legacy:

“They approached me first in 2019, I think. Their idea was, you know, her mentorship would bring in the older audience, and then they would take their children as a consequence.

“Oh, yes, I had hesitation – I have to be frank about that – because it just lives within me. At no point does it subside or abate. It’s always a sort of constant, and is a very significant part of my professional life. And so I thought, ‘Wow, do I want to do that?’”

Thankfully, she decided that pitching a show at a younger demographic was a good idea. Speaking to Den of Geek, she has also said:

“Janeway defined an era for me, and as it turns out, the rest of my life… I love her. When a character defines a part of her life, you are in turn greatly deeply, which I am. She has never left me and I am thrilled to be back and to be introducing this to children.”

Without spoiling some of the surprises, it’s fair to say the show will have plenty of familiar faces for older fans of the franchise too.

Will you be watching?

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Star Trek: Prodigy finds a UK home at Nickelodeon

We’ve been waiting a while for confirmation, but new has reached us that Star Trek: Prodigy finally as a UK broadcaster: Nickelodeon.

The show, a CG animated series starring a group of youthful characters in the far future. is the franchise’s first aimed at younger viewers.  Showing on Paramount+ (where else?) in the US, it’s already been successful enough to score a commission for a second series.

While its principal characters are a motley crew of young aliens, there’s a reassuringly familiar Starfleet face on hand. Kate Mulgrew is reprising her role as Kathryn Janeway, serving as a holographic mentor for gang who’ve commandeered the Federation ship Protostar. Additionally. a number of famous names are set to pop up.

The channel has some content on its website to introduce the characters, including a few clips. Plus, thanks to Paramount+ Australia, there’s a trailer for the show:

As well as the UK, Star Trek: Prodigy is coming to France, Spain and Portugal. It will also debut in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, as well as Nigeria and South Africa too. tells us that Nickelodeon will be airing the first 10 episodes from the first half of season one. These have already streamed on Paramount+

We’ll keep you posted when we hear of a specific start date.