Requiem: here’s the trailer for the BBC’s new thriller

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The BBC launches its latest psychological thriller, Requiem, next month, and it’s just released a first trailer to whet our appetites.

The drama runs for six hour-long episodes, and the cast for this one is led by Lydia Wilson, Joel Fry and Tara Fitzgerald. It’s from the pen of Kris Mrska, and Mahalia Belo is on directorial duties.

Requiem will premiere on Friday 2nd February at 9pm.

The first episode sets things up, with the following synopsis…

Matilda Gray is a successful cellist about to embark on a concert tour of New York, but her world is turned upside when her mother inexplicably commits suicide. Grief stricken, Matilda finds a boxof items on her deceased mother’s bed relating to Carys Howell, a young girl who went missing from a small Welsh village over 20 years ago. Matilda and her accompanist Hal travel to Penllynith to investigate whether her mother’s death is related to the disappearance.

Watch the first trailer below: