Susan’s War continues at Big Finish with two new releases

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The Doctor’s granddaughter returns for further audio adventures in the Time War. 

Back in 2020, Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish addressed the fate of the Doctor’s granddaughter during the Time War.

As the conflict between the Time Lords and the Daleks engulfed the universe, Susan’s War saw her recruited to aid her people – against the wishes of the (Eighth) Doctor.

Framed Photo of Susan (Carole Ann Ford), the Doctor's granddaughter

Now, her story continues in two further Susan’s War releases, the first of which arrives in August 2024.

No Gallifreyan was safe from the Time War. While the Doctor resisted the call, his granddaughter Susan did her duty and signed up to fight the growing Dalek threat. 

For the new adventures, Susan (Carole Ann Ford) will be reunited with her grandfather. A changed man, he now eschews the name of the Doctor…

Family Ties

The first set features two stories: ‘The Lost Son’ by Sarah Cassidy and ‘The Golden Child’ by Peter Anghelides.

Joining Carole Ann Ford, the cast includes Jonathon Carley as the War Doctor and Sonny McGann as Alex Campbell. Plus, Damian Lynch and Beth Chalmers return to their respective Time Lord roles of Cardinal Rasmus and Commander Veklin.

Susan's War: Family Ties cover art

Grandfather Time

The subsequent set also contains two tales: ‘The Last of the Kaleds’ by David Llewellyn and ‘The Voord Alliance’ by Andrew Smith. Its release date remains to be announced.

Producer Heather Challands said:

“It’s my privilege to continue the story of Susan. Carole Ann Ford takes the lead so well and it’s so exciting to have her front-and-centre in these stories, tackling the Time War. These episodes really confront Susan with the family that she’s lost, and the family she still has! For the first time, she’s going to meet the War Doctor. But will she approve of what her grandfather has become?”

Carole Ann Ford recording Susan's War
Carole Ann Ford (c) Big Finish

Script editor Matt Fitton adds:

“This is a different angle on the Time War – it’s much more to do with diplomacy and espionage. Susan’s not a soldier; she uses her brain and her empathy for forging alliances with other species for the Time Lords. And I like to keep an aspect of the 1960s present, so we touch on characters, situations, and alien races that hark back to the time when Susan was travelling with the Doctor.”

The Worlds of Doctor Who – Susan’s War: Family Ties and Grandfather Time are now available to pre-order as collector’s edition CD box sets (+ download) or as digital downloads only, exclusively from Big Finish.

Susan speaks!

While there’s no hint of this forthcoming work, The Sirens of Audio recently dropped an interview with Carole Ann Ford. Taking in her pre–Doctor Who career, her time on the show and subsequent audio work, it’s a great listen.