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Time War 5: Cass – Doctor Who audio review

The Eighth Doctor continues his adventures on the edge of the Time War, impossibly meeting the fateful Cass. But what is he forgetting?  Almost ten years ago, in the run up to Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special, former Doctor Paul McGann returned for a mini-episode (The Night of the Doctor), which explained the birth of … >

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EVE Online game to offer Doctor Who crossover

Doctor Who fans and EVE Online fans (known as Capsuleers) will be able to face the Daleks together in massive space battles in EVE Online x Doctor Who from 13 January until 1 February. EVE Online is a free-to-play, community-driven deep space-faring massive multiplayer online MMO game where players can choose their own path among … >

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Gallifrey Time War 4 cover art

Gallifrey: Time War 4 audio review

Gallifrey: Time War 4 concludes the current storyline for Gallifrey. With Romana lost and Leela returned, former CIA operative Narvin remains an outcast from his home; the planet of the Time Lords now firmly gripped by the resurrected Rassilon. The legendary Time Lord has worn many guises, but perhaps never before that of the handsome … >

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Doctor Who - The Eighth Doctor: Time War 4 cover art

The Eighth Doctor: Time War Volume 4 – Doctor Who audio review

The Eighth Doctor: Time War Volume 4 – with the Daleks defeated and the Time War apparently over, this latest boxset picks up where The War Valeyard left us, following the Doctor and Bliss through an interdimensional portal on the trail of the scheming Dalek Time Strategist. Palindrome In a temporal puzzle box of a … >

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The Eighth Doctor: Time War Volume 3 – Doctor Who audio review

As the Time War, the unfathomable temporal conflict between Daleks and Time Lords rumbles on, the Doctor refuses to fight. Instead, he hovers at the edges, trying to save lives. State of Bliss Though planned only for the first boxset, Rakhee Thakrar’s impressive debut ensured Bliss became the Doctor’s Time War companion. Writer Matt Fitton … >

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Gallifrey: Time War Volume 2 review

Having previously teetered on the brink, last year’s Gallifrey box set launched into the “Time War”, the primarily off screen temporal conflict between the Doctor’s own people and the Daleks which indelibly coloured his backstory when the show returned to television screens in 2005. While the previous volume took pieces off the board, seemingly lining … >

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Doctor Who Gallifrey: Time War review

Running in various formats since 2004, Gallifrey has chronicled eight series worth of political machinations at the heart of Time Lord society. Following the stories of the Doctor’s former companions Romana and Leela. Latterly, the series has added Ace to its roster, picking up on the notion that the Doctor was preparing her for life … >

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The Eighth Doctor: Time War Volume 1 – Doctor Who audio review

When Doctor Who returned to television, the “Time War” was a masterstroke; side-stepping years of continuity, it allowed new viewers to learn about the Doctor’s past alongside his die-hard fans. Through a drip feed of titbits, passing references and old enemies in subsequent years, this backstory built inexorably towards Gallifrey’s climatic return in time for … >

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