Terry Nation Celebration

Terry Nation Celebration at Big Finish kicks off with Blake’s 7

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Welcome to the Big Finish Terry Nation Celebration!

Blake’s 7 creator Terry Nation would have celebrated his 91st birthday on 08 August, and Big Finish is commemorating his work with discounts on a range of audio dramas which feature the characters he invented, including Doctor Who, Dalek Empire and Survivors.

Blake’s 7: The Classic Adventures Series 1 and 2 are now each available to download at the Big Finish website (at £24.99 per series). To mark the beginning of the Terry Nation Celebration, there is an additional early bird discount of 25% off until 12 August 2021.

Previously only available as single purchases, these full cast adventures feature the original actors from the dystopian BBC sci-fi saga in two collected series, available for download now from www.bigfinish.com. Hear Blake (Gareth Thomas), Avon (Paul Darrow), Jenna (Sally Knyvette), Vila (Michael Keating), Cally (Jan Chappell), Tarrant (Steven Pacey) and more battle the tyranny of the Federation as it spreads across the galaxy.

What’s in the collections?

Each collection is over 430 minutes, so that’s over seven hours of content for each.

Blake's 7 Collection Series 1

The first set has the following logline:

Blake is trying to bring down the Federation, Travis is trying to destroy Blake. As the Federation continues to develop new weaponry, Blake and his crew face constant danger and risk losing everything…

It comprises six stories by Justin Richards, Andrew Smith, Marc Platt, Peter Angelhides, Cavan Scott and Mark Wright.

Blake's 7 Collection Series 2

The second set logline is:

Dayna has gone missing from the Liberator. In their search for her, Dayna’s former crew mates face perilous encounters, new dangers and old adversaries…

The six stories are by Trevor Baxendale, George Mann, Jacqueline Rayner, Iain McLaughlin, Steve Lyons and Justin Richards.