Terry Nation Celebration

Terry Nation Celebration at Big Finish kicks off with Blake’s 7

Welcome to the Big Finish Terry Nation Celebration! Blake’s 7 creator Terry Nation would have celebrated his 91st birthday on 08 August, and Big Finish is commemorating his work with discounts on a range of audio dramas which feature the characters he invented, including Doctor Who, Dalek Empire and Survivors. Blake’s 7: The Classic Adventures … >

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Blake's 7: Lucifer Genesis

Blake’s 7, Lucifer: Genesis review

There’s intrigue, assignations and assassinations aplenty in Lucifer: Genesis, the concluding instalment in Paul Darrow’s epic exploration of the unseen history of the Blake’s 7 universe, now available for the first time as a single-voice audiobook. This third entry in the Lucifer trilogy was first published in print and electronic formats back in 2015. The … >

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Blake's 7 Turing Test free

Free Blake’s 7 Turing Test — from Big Finish #lockdownloads

Once again Big Finish is giving away a free audio adventure in lockdown each week — this week it’s Blake’s 7 Turing Test As before, Big Finish is giving away one free audio drama each week during lockdown and this week it all starts with Blake’s 7 Turing Test by Simon Guerrier. Every Monday, a … >

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Blake's 7 Restoration Part 3 - Big Finish - cover

Blake’s 7 Restoration Part 3 review

The already-impressive Blake’s 7 Restoration trilogy reaches a fitting (and a more than a little emotional) conclusion in this just-released final four-story boxset. These closing stories make their canonically adept way through a series of entertaining adventures that attempt to address the unanswered questions posed in the first TV series: what were the intentions of … >

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Blake's 7: Restoration Part 2 cover

Blake’s 7: Restoration Part 2 review

The Liberator is crippled and at high-risk of becoming uninhabitable as well as unnavigable. The ship’s crew must locate the technology that can salvage the situation before things slide past the point of no return. The vessel limps towards Space World (which Blake’s team first visited in “Redemption”, the opening episode of the second TV … >

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Blake’s 7: Restoration Part 1 review

The battle to save the Liberator from destruction, and to recover the full operating capacity of the most powerful spaceship in the galaxy, is at the heart of each of the four stories in the opening salvo of Big Finish’s new Blake’s 7 audio series. With their vessel damaged beyond the ability of the craft’s … >

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Blake’s 7: Crossfire Part 2 review

Set during the third TV season of Blake’s 7, Crossfire Part 2 continues the story of the Liberator crew’s involvement in the Federation’s civil war, with Servalan (Jacqueline Pearce) usurping the previous President (Hugh Fraser). Across four stories, Avon (Paul Darrow), Vila (Michael Keating), Cally (Jan Chappell), Tarrant (Steve Pacey), Dayna (Yasmin Bannerman) and of … >

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Blake’s 7: Spoils of War review

After being unavoidably delayed, Blake’s 7 is back in a new set of full-cast stories set in the timeline of season 3 of the original TV show. It’s a new production team with John Ainsworth taking over production, script editing and directing duties and a recasting for the character of Dayna Mellanby, now played by … >

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‘Paul Darrow: You’re Him, Aren’t You?’ autobiography audio book review

Charming his way through Blake’s 7’s four year run, Paul Darrow’s Avon was the grinning anti-hero we loved to hate; reluctantly taking on the ruthless Federation as he pursued his primary agenda of looking after number one. Though public schooling, with a controversial quest for glory in the Combined Cadet Force chronicled, young Paul followed … >

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