The Frankenstein Chronicles confirmed for November return

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Sean Bean will be back on our screens in The Frankenstein Chronicles in a couple of weeks…

Sean Bean will be returning to our screens for the second series of The Frankenstein Chronicles in a week or two, as ITV Encore has now confirmed the transmission date for the show.

It’s set to premiere on Wednesday November 1st at 10pm, with Lawrence Fox co-starring in the show. The first episode of the new run will be called Prodigal Son, and the synopsis for it reads as follows…

Three years have passed since John Marlott (SEAN BEAN) escaped from Daniel Hervey (ED STOPPARD). In 1830, we find him chained and manacled in a cell at Royal Bethlem Hospital, on a wing for the criminally insane.

Marlott is lost in a nether world. Denied his resurrection and reunion with his family in heaven. He is unreachable, unresponsive – a broken man.

A visit by a local Reverend stirs Marlott. There is a glint of recognition. The visit causes a violent outburst and Marlott is administered electro-shock therapy. Terrible memories resurface, Hervey, Lady Jemima, Flora, his resurrection. Suddenly Marlott is jolted back to life, with renewed purpose to seek revenge on Daniel Hervey for his crimes, and to redeem his soul after being wrongly convicted for murder.

London during our period is the capital of the world, the forefront of modernity of new advances in science and technology – the reason why the handsome German aristocrat Frederick Dipple (LAURENCE FOX) is in town. Marlott meets widowed seamstress Esther Rose (MAEVE DERMODY) who supplies him with a new set of clothes. She recognizes there is something unusual about Marlott and she is drawn to him in the same way he is to her.

When the body of a murdered Archdeacon is discovered; the first of a series of grisly clergy murders which will send a shockwave through London, Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel’s (TOM WARD) new Metropolitan Police fight with the Parish Watchmen for jurisdiction. The lines are drawn in the battle between church and state.

The new series will run for six episodes.