WandaVision big reveal

WandaVision big reveal changes everything we thought we knew

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‘We Interrupt This Program’ — the WandaVision big reveal in episode 4 changes everything

WandaVision has become a Friday treat at Castle Cultbox, as it’s half-hour, quirky episodes can easily be fitted around lunch. It’s a very different show, and in many, many ways entirely unlike anything else Marvel has done for TV. Or so it seems…

Without going into spoilers, the first three episodes have been ‘different’. As is widely known (if you’ve not yet watched) Wanda and Vision are living in small town suburban America, and it’s just a few weeks after the events of Avengers: Endgame. In the 1950s.  In black and white. In a remake of classic US sitcoms, particularly I Love Lucy. Though not for long. As we start to meet the entirely ordinary inhabitants of Westview, there are moments. Ordinary questions have no answers; strange messages across the radio and no explanation for why Wanda and Vision are living here, why it jumps to the ’60s and takes on a Bewitched style, before Wanda becomes pregnant and everything changes to colour.

By the end of episode three, there’s a bit of a slow burn reveal going on as Wanda crams most of her pregnancy into a few hours and gives birth with the help of Teyonnah Paris’s character Geraldine. Who then vanishes.

Just as we suspect there’s going to be some link to the wide Marvel TV universe (as there must be), along comes the latest episode We Interrupt This Program. And then everything changes…

If you’ve not watched, we’ll just say we get a lot of insight into what might be really happening, why some mysterious events have happened and possibly a slice of what’s really going on as well as a big pointer to the mysterious force controlling Westview.

It’s all rather clever, but we do wonder if it’s all a little sudden. How many more reveals can there be before the end of season 1 (we’re hoping for plenty)? Can there be a season 2 (yes please)? What if they run out of sitcoms? Of course the bigger question is what next? How will Paul Bettany’s hair and sideburns change as WandaVision moves through the ’70s, and what will parenthood mean for Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda? One thing for sure, we can’t wait to find out! Until then there’s the official WandaVision site.