Writer fired from Doctor Who Magazine over coded insult

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Nicholas Pegg has been ‘dismissed’ from Doctor Who Magazine over a special message coded into the latest issue…

Regular readers of the terrific Doctor Who Magazine may have missed a message that was coded into The Watcher column at the end of the most recent issue. It’s been updated in the digital edition of the magazine, but if you took the first letter of each sentence in said column, it spelled out ‘Panini and BBC Worldwide are’, er, let’s just say a word beginning with C.

The Watcher column, reports The Mirror, was penned by Nicholas Pegg, who has worked on the show itself in many forms for a long time. He’s penned, acted and directed in many Big Finish productions. He’s extensively contributed to several Doctor Who DVD releases. And, since 2005, he’s been operating Daleks on the main show itself.

However, it’s now being reported that, following the column, Pegg has been ‘dismissed’ from Doctor Who Magazine, and won’t be writing the column anymore. The Mirror also seems to imply that Pegg was fired from the show as well, but apparently, he wasn’t due to be involved in the new, soon-to-shoot new series after all.

What led Pegg to actually pen his message in the first place isn’t clear, although the report suggests unhappiness over the upcoming release of Shada on disc…

Doctor Who Magazine is on sale now.

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