Writer Paul Cornell allows the thirteenth Doctor to release the little girl in the mirror

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Paul Cornell, writer of the Series 3 Doctor Who episodes Human Nature and The Family of Blood featuring tenth Doctor David Tennant, has created two short stories; Shadow of a Doubt and The Shadow in the Mirror as an epilogue to the two-parter.

The stories were released as part of a worldwide watch-along/tweet-along of Human Nature and The Family of Blood on Friday, April 24.

Shadow of a Doubt, starring Lisa Bowerman as Bernice Summerfield, features Summerfield encountering a mirror on an alien world in which notorious member of the murderous Family of Blood, Daughter-of-Mine, the iconic balloon-carrying girl formerly known as Lucy Cartwright, appears.

The artwork shown in the video is by Rachael Stott.

The Shadow in the Mirror stars Lauren Wilson who originally played Lucy Cartwright. In the story, Cartwright narrates an encounter with the thirteenth Doctor, who is now inclined toward mercy.

The artwork shown in the video is by Christopher Jones.

The short stories were home-produced remotely during the ‘lockdown’ period of the COVID-19 outbreak in April 2020. The music and sound design are by Jamie Robertson. The videos were edited by Abigail Scarfe and produced by Emily Cook.

All involved in the making of the videos contributed their time and talent for free.

If you enjoyed them, please consider making a donation to The Film and TV Charity’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, to support the creative community which has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.