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Peace In Our Time – Doctor Who Short Trips 9.12 audio review

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‘Peace in Our Time’, the latest Big Finish Short Trip, features futuristic space pilot Steven Taylor and the First Doctor. We find the pair on the trail of stolen government papers in the early twentieth century. However, events are related through the eyes of a household maid.

Ruby Watkins, an astute observer, has soon noticed that things are “not right” with her new employers; the Gledhill family have only engaged her, not a full household of staff, and they fail to understand the simplest matters of etiquette. Though patronised by both Steven and the Doctor, Ruby is nobody’s fool. She easily demonstrates her worth and seems ideal companion material, though her destiny lies elsewhere.

Una McCormack’s engaging tale is rooted in the politics of Edwardian England; as well as fears about German spies, Ruby plans to attend a Suffragette march. She also considers the escalation of modern warfare, with the tit-for-tat creation of deadlier and deadlier weapons. Assured narration by Peter Purves draws the listener in, and he enlivens all the characters, including his now-familiar take on the Doctor.

‘Peace in Our Time’ rounds out another diverse and entertaining year of Short Trips. Also now available, for free, is 2019’s winner of the Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trips Opportunity, a Twelfth Doctor story entitled ‘The Best-Laid Plans’ by Ben Tedds.

‘Peace in Our Time’ is available on download from Big Finish.