Big Finish’s latest ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories reviewed: February 2017 round-up

February brought the Fifth Doctor, travelling with Adric, Nyssa and Tegan, back to Earth for an adventure in the world of Victorian gentlemen’s clubs, or more specifically ‘The Contingency Club’. Meanwhile, the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K-9 became embroiled with the Sontarans in ‘The Eternal Battle’, and the Third, Jo Grant and Mike Yates took … >

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John Hurt as The War Doctor

Doctor Who: The War Doctor – Casualties of War audio review

With this final boxset of three stories, Big Finish marks the end of War Doctor’s story with a strong set of scripts brought to life by a superb cast, great directing and impressive sound design.  With John Hurt’s passing away, listening to these stories is all the more poignant; as fans we can but admire … >

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5 ‘Doctor Who’ companions who left for love

When your time travelling adventures with the Doctor are over there are variety of ways to make an exit, some grand and some not so. While some go out with a bang (Adric), others leave with more of a whimper (Tegan). Some go home to face the past they ran from (Turlough), while others are … >

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10 of Big Finish’s best ‘Doctor Who’ audio releases in 2016

It has been another amazing year of Doctor Who releases from audio producers Big Finish, who continue to entertain us with stories from pretty much all eras of the Time Lord’s story – including John Hurt’s War Doctor and David Tennant’s Tenth, accompanied by Donna Noble. Using our own patented, wildly unscientific, method we have … >

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Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories: November 2016 reviews round-up

November’s stories from the Doctor Who audio wizards at Big Finish show the truly demonstrate the range of the programme. While the Sixth Doctor and Mrs Constance Clarke, combat a beautiful new design of Dalek, Hartnell era companions Peter Purves and Maureen O’Brien bring to life a comic tinged historical in the Italian Renaissance. Meanwhile, … >

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Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. seated and holding a cricket bat

Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories: October 2016 reviews round-up

In another busy month from the Doctor Who audio producers, we celebrate Torchwood’s Tenth Anniversary with the special release ‘The Torchwood Archive’ and John Hurt returns in another trio of adventures for the ‘The War Doctor Volume 3: Agents of Chaos’. Also, those stalwart Victorian investigators of the infernal, Jago & Litefoot notch up their … >

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‘Doctor Who’ reviews round-up: Autumn re-releases from Big Finish

This autumn has seen a few audio Doctor Who re-releases from Big Finish. First the epic 50th Anniversary series ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ in new packaging, and secondly a bunch of hard to find tales under the banner of ‘Short Trip Rarities’.   ‘Destiny of the Doctor – The Complete Adventure’ Originally appearing monthly throughout 2013, … >

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Tom Baker

Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories: September 2016 reviews round-up

In another busy month from the Doctor Who audio producers, the main range brought the Seventh Doctor back to face the consequences of a previous adventure, while the third ‘Early Adventures’ season kicked off with a space-faring epic for the First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara. The second volume of ‘Philip Hinchcliffe Presents’ tales saw … >

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