‘Death in Paradise’ Season 6 episode guide: What happens next?

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Death in Paradise returns to BBC One in January for a sixth season.

My Family star Kris Marshall is back as DI Humphrey Goodman in eight new 60-minute episodes of the crime drama, alongside returning regulars Danny John-Jules, Don Warrington, Josephine Jobert and Tobi Bakare.

Using their expert skills of deduction, the new season will follow the team as they solve more mysterious and mind-boggling murders that occur on the idyllic island.

Guest stars in Season 6 will include Ardal O’Hanlon (Father Ted), Douglas Hodge (The Night Manager), Natasha Little (Thirteen), Adrian Rawlins (Dickensian), Monica Dolan (W1A), Ramon Tikaram (Happy Valley), Emily Taaffee (War And Peace), Gary Beadle (EastEnders), Fiona Allen (Waterloo Road), Kerry Fox (Glue), Kemi-Bo Jacobs (Thirteen) and Mark Powley (Birds Of A Feather).

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Episode 1

Thursday 5 January 2017, 9pm

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DI Humphrey Goodman and the team are left stumped … when Volcanologist Stephen Langham is found dead half way up a live volcano after failing to return from a night shift.

With all evidence and the pathologist report pointing towards a heart attack, death by natural causes is suspected by all. However, Humphrey is convinced that one of the observatory team had a part to play in his untimely demise. With the security swipe card system providing each of the three other scientists with an alibi for the time of the murder, how could any of them have committed the crime?

Unable to find any physical evidence of murder, the team have a tough task ahead of them. Puzzled by some seemingly missing equipment at the scene of the crime and the timely presence of Saint Marie’s Mayor, Humphrey soon discovers that Stephen and his colleagues, including his brother, didn’t always see eye to eye. With everyone hiding secrets, will the team be able to find out who killed Stephen and why?

Meanwhile Humphrey is excited by Martha’s return to the island for a summer holiday. Is romance finally blooming for Humphrey? Elsewhere, JP is settling into married life while Dwayne risks angering the Commissioner when he lets his guard down with a local journalist.


Episode 2

Thursday 12 January 2017, 9pm

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The Saint Marie Literary Festival is rocked by the death of young literature student and Florence’s childhood friend, Esther Monroe, when she is discovered at the bottom of a cliff on the opening day. Mirroring the death of the tragic heroine from her favourite novel, written by the festival host and local literary star Sylvie Baptiste and with the presence of a note in Esther’s bag, suicide is suspected by everyone. Everyone except for Humphrey.

Puzzled by the typed suicide note, Humphrey and Florence delve deeper into the circumstances leading up to the tragic death. But with everyone Esther knows present at the literary talk, how could any of them be responsible for pushing her off the cliff?

Meanwhile, concerned that Florence is letting her personal attachment to the case take over her life, Humphrey enlists her help in preparing the shack for Martha’s stay. Elsewhere, JP and Dwayne investigate an abandoned bungalow.


Episode 3

Thursday 19 January 2017, 9pm

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Humphrey and Martha’s romantic weekend retreat to a remote nearby island is abruptly cut short when Charlie Taylor is found dead in his room at Hotel Cecile. With a stab wound to the abdomen, broken windows and his watch and wallet missing, it appears to be a case of an interrupted robbery.

However, with the flower beds and trellis directly below the room’s balcony undisturbed, Humphrey is certain that one of Charlie’s associates played a part in his death. Having a direct view of the only staircase leading upstairs and witnessing all the suspects’ whereabouts himself, Humphrey finds himself stuck in the middle of his own murder investigation.

With all the suspects, including Charlie’s brother, Elliot, having a rock solid alibi in Humphrey, how could anyone have evaded Humphrey’s eye in order to kill Charlie?

Meanwhile, JP is worried that the honeymoon period between him and Rosie is coming to an end and seeks relationship advice from Dwayne.


Episode 4

Thursday 26 January 2017, 9pm

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Saint Marie’s Cricket Club’s triumphant win over local rivals in a friendly testimonial match is soon overshadowed when club president Jerome Martin is found shot dead in the middle of the cricket pitch.

Having attended the club celebrations that continued throughout the night and with the murder weapon missing, suspicion soon falls onto Jerome’s family and fellow teammates. However Humphrey and the team are left stumped when all the suspects provide an alibi for each other. With each suspect claiming that no-one left the club house, how did anyone manage to sneak out, unseen, to kill Jerome?

Elsewhere, JP senses that Dwayne is hiding something from him and starts to question how well he knows his best friend. Meanwhile, Martha’s last day on the island is looming and Humphrey contemplates life without her.


Episode 5

Thursday 2 February 2017, 9pm

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The first episode of this two-part special sees the team leave the idyllic Caribbean Shores and head to London in pursuit of suspects connected to a murder committed on Saint Marie.

When the captain of a boat, Tom Lewis, fails to return home after the night of a storm, Humphrey and the team conduct a search party. When they find Tom’s body on his boat a mile out to sea, the radar equipment proving that no other vessel came near the boat all night, all evidence points towards him being a tragic casualty of the storm.

But Humphrey is convinced there’s more to it. Why would an experienced sailor sail out in the middle of a storm? As Tom and his partner have no connections to the island, apart from to the holidaymakers who chartered his boat for the week, Humphrey struggles to solve this apparently motiveless murder.

The discovery of a stray cufflink provides the team with the vital lead they need, pointing them towards a banking company back in London. With Saint Marie’s police reputation on the line and with the Commissioner’s permission, Humphrey, Florence and Dwayne head to London, where they team up with DI Jack Mooney in order to track down the murderer.

Meanwhile Dwayne comes face to face with his estranged father and Humphrey must come to terms with Martha’s recent departure from the island.


Episode 6

Thursday 9 February 2017, 9pm

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The second episode of this two-part special continues in London where Humphrey, Florence and Dwayne, helped by London Metropolitan Police DI Jack Mooney, further their investigation into the murder of Tom Lewis. The case takes a turn for the worse when prime suspect, Frank Henderson, is found dead at his desk inside his locked office, shot through the head in an apparent suicide bid.

Was this the final act of a guilty man, an admission of guilt for the murder of Tom Lewis? With evidence pointing towards foul play, the team now face a double murder investigation. With the pressure ramping up, Humphrey and Jack struggle to work out how the killer managed to shoot Frank, and escape out of the locked office leaving the only key in the victim’s pocket…

Elsewhere in Saint Marie, JP and Commissioner get a lead on a connection between Tom Lewis and the London bankers whilst, back in London, Dwayne faces an unexpectedly emotional confrontation. Meanwhile, Humphrey finds that some advice from an unexpected source helps him come to a big decision…


Episode 7

Thursday 16 February 2017, 9pm

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When a tourist claims to alibi a woman convicted for murder seven years ago, the team are forced to reopen the case.


Episode 8

Thursday 23 February 2016, 9pm

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Saint Marie’s mayoral elections are thrown into disarray when one of the candidates is stabbed in his polling booth whilst casting his vote.


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