10 spoiler-free ‘Doctor Who’ hints for Season 10 Episode 2, ‘Smile’

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One this weekend – and in the far future, at the edge of the galaxy, there is a gleaming, perfect city.

This brand new human settlement is said to hold the secret of human happiness – but the only smiles the Doctor and Bill can find are on a pile of grinning skulls.

Something is alive in the walls, and the emojibots are watching from the shadows, as the Doctor and Bill trying to unravel a terrifying mystery…

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‘Smile’ airs at 7.20pm on Saturday 22 April on BBC One.

Here are 10 spoiler-free lines of dialogue from the episode…


1. “This is going to be a stroll in the park.”

2. “Is this bloke utopia?”

3. “Rivets. Oh I love rivets.”

4. “Smile. You’re in the belly of the beast.”

5. “Who says I like it?”

6. “All traps are beautiful, that’s how they work.”

7. “Is it hugging me?”

8. “Does it matter?” – “Only if we want to live.”

9. “Round them up, big fella!”

10. “You can’t say things like that – you’re grinning like an idiot.”


Who do you think says each line? And what are they talking about? Let us know below…