Doctor Who Doom's Day

Imminent Doctor Who “Doom’s Day” teased

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On 19 March, the official BBC Doctor Who social media accounts teased fans with this cryptic message: “Tomorrow. Doom’s Day is coming… 🕛 #DoctorWho”

The emoji they employ in the text accompanying the video is at twelve o’clock. Note also that it says “Doom’s Day”, ostensibly not to be confused with the Doctor Who Series 2 episode Doomsday.

The message accompanies a video of a clock, also known as a chronometer, within a stone ring which stops a five minutes before twelve o’clock.

I interpret this as some sort of Doctor Who announcement at five of noon on March 20. However, according to the twelve o’clock emoji, it could easily be midnight or noon 20 March. It may be worth noting that there is no five-minutes-to-twelve emoji available.

The announcement could possibly be for a Doctor Who 60th anniversary-related Big Finish audio adventure. Several Eighth Doctor Big Finish audio adventures feature The Doom Coalition and a Doomsday Chronometer.

Fans will have to wait until either midnight tonight, five of noon tomorrow, or noon tomorrow for the answer to this teaser — and to find out whether they deem the announcement worth the anticipation caused by the teaser.