Doctor Who Live Lesson

On Friday, November 33, at 2:00 p.m., Jodie Whittaker will take part in a Doctor Who Live Lesson in schools across the UK: Calling all Super Movers! We need your pupils to get active and help the Doctor save Earth. We’ll explore the planets and discover why light is important to life on Earth. As … >

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CultBoxed: Week 6

*Sound of jaw hitting floor*

YouTube is full of incredible clips, of course – if it was all people getting angry at the haters, showing off their booties and being hit on the head by pictures of themselves falling over, it’d be hellish – but it’s not every day that you happen upon a video that’s so amazing it makes your brain hurt trying to imagine how (or indeed why) anyone came up with it. This is something so genuinely awesome in every sense of this overused word that we’re happy beyond measure that it fits into CultBoxed’s remit. And even if it wasn’t, we’d have shared it anyway, simply because it’s so bloody marvellous.

You want to see miniature remote-control helicopters playing the James Bond theme? Prepare to have your synapses destroyed by wonder…

‘F*** me, the TARDIS!’

Following the success of a similar dodge used to turn a montage of clips from Doctor Who’s tenth anniversary story The Three Doctors into something filthily hilarious, another intrepid manipulator of bleeping noises has compiled a supposedly-sanitised version of twentieth birthday epic, The Five Doctors. Even the law of diminishing returns doesn’t prevent this video containing plenty of choice LOLs…

‘It’s no good… this isn’t going to work…’

Proving that there are no lengths to which fans won’t go in order to do what the real world will never do and combine their favourite franchises, this is a frequently-inspired, sometimes iffy collision of Star Wars and Doctor Who, glued together by clever video editing and – in some places – a suspension of disbelief so enormous you could hang it over the Firth of Forth and use it as a bridge…

‘We should go to the main control room.’

Anyone who has ever played a video game knows the frustrations of it. You can be as accurate in your shooting, as wary in your sneaking and as bloodthirsty in your over-indulgent pummelling of corpses as you like, but something still goes wrong – not because of you, but because of the limitations of the game itself.

If you’ve ever felt the first-person-shooter pain of inadvertently blowing the head off the character you’re supposed to be saving because THE STUPID TOSSER HAS WALKED IN FRONT OF YOUR GUN AGAIN or screeched profanities at the screen because a tiny glitch in the graphics has left the level impossible to complete, this brilliant recreation of GoldenEye is for you…

‘I’ve never met anyone as clumsy as you…’

Blue Peter in 2012 is as slickly-produced and smoothly-run piece of television as kids could ever hope to watch, but it wasn’t always so. As recently as 1989, it was still entirely possible for things to go hideously pear-shaped, mid-show – particularly if one of the presenters wasn’t entirely au fait with making things, leaning on things, sitting down or driving miniature steam-powered traction engines across the studio floor.

Mark Curry managed to mess all these things up and more during his time on the programme, but he made up for his tendency towards calamity with great charm and innate likeability. However, this didn’t stop his fellow presenters compiling a blooper reel of supreme hilarity to commemorate his departure and have a giggle at his expense. If you don’t laugh at the sequence with the man made from Lego, you have no soul.

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