Doctor Who - The Lost Stories 8.2 Operation Werewolf cover art crop

Big Finish announce two more Lost Doctor Who Stories (updated)

‘Operation Werewolf’ and the original plan for ‘The Three Doctors’ both become Doctor Who Lost Stories.  Updated 07/06/24: Cover, cast and further details revealed for ‘Operation Werewolf’. While ‘Deathworld’, which eventually evolved into ‘The Three Doctors’ naturally fascinates, there’s a second lost Doctor Who story imminent. Today, audio producers Big Finish have unveiled the cover … >

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K9 co-creator Bob Baker dies at 82

Bob Baker, the last surviving writer of the Pertwee era of Doctor Who, has died, as reported by the official K9 Twitter account. Dear Friends. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our dear friend and business partner, the iconic BOB BAKER. — K9Official (@K9official1) November 5, 2021 Born on … >

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