Doctor Who Once and Future 1 - Past Lives Standard Edition cover crop

Once and Future: Doctor Who 60th Anniversary audio series begins

Once and Future: Past Lives kicks of the Big Finish Doctor Who anniversary celebrations.  Updated 03/05/23: It’s release day for Once and Future: Past Lives. Big Finish’s Doctor Who 60th anniversary celebrations start today with the first part of Once and Future. The multi-part, multi Doctor series releases monthly and will feature various actors who … >

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Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Angels and Demons cover art crop

The Fourth Doctor Adventures – Tom Baker meets Ronald Pickup

Thanks to the vagaries of time travel (and early recording), the late actor appears in the Fourth Doctor’s next box set of audio adventures. Big Finish have dropped details of 2023’s second box set of The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Angels and Demons. In it, Tom Baker’s Doctor, with Leela (Louise Jameson) and new companion Margaret … >

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Christopher Eccleston returns for a third series of Ninth Doctor audios

The Ninth Doctor enjoys 12 more adventures at Big Finish, beginning with Pioneers in May 2023.  Back in 2021, something that previously felt impossible happened: Christopher Eccleston returned to the worlds of Doctor Who. Since then, he’s notched up two series of audio adventures as the Doctor – 24 episodes – almost doubling his onscreen … >

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Big Finish - The Paternoster Gang crop

Big Finish announce The Paternoster Gang: Trespassers

A new four volume story arc for the enduringly popular team of Jenny, Madame Vastra and Strax.  It has been a while since we last heard from The Paternoster Gang, the Doctor’s Victorian-era allies who first appeared in 2011’s ‘A Good Man Goes to War’. Notwithstanding Sontaran Nurse Strax’s apparent demise in that debut story … >

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The Ninth Doctor Adventures - Hidden Depths

Big Finish announce Christopher Eccleston vs the Sea Devils. In space!

We have the details of the next Ninth Doctor Adventures boxset: Hidden Depths.  Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor Who renaissance as the Ninth Doctor continues apace at Big Finish. With six boxsets of The Ninth Doctor Adventures already available, the audio producers have just dropped news of November’s release. Titled Hidden Depths, the set promises a meeting … >

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The CultBox Podcast Roundup – August 2022

Welcome to the Podcast Roundup for August 2022 – our favourites in the worlds of CultBox.  Our picks this month, in no particular order, are… Back to One #217 – Adrian Pasdar Peter Rinaldi talks to actor Adrian Pasdar (Heroes, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) about his career and his acting process. It’s an entertaining affair with … >

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The CultBox Podcast Roundup – July 2022

Welcome to the CultBox Podcast Roundup for July 2022.  Our favourite podcasts this month in the worlds of film and television have included, in no particular order… Who & Company Ep 63 – David Richardson & This Is Us Big Finish’s (now outgoing) Senior Producer David Richardson joins hosts Brent and Drew to give an … >

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Ninth Doctor Into The Stars

Big Finish – The Ninth Doctor will meet the Sontarans on audio

Christopher Eccleston heads Into The Stars for three new Doctor Who audio adventures.  As the Ninth Doctor enjoys the Big Finish treatment, he’s getting the chance to meet a few old friends and foes. This incarnation saw plenty of Dalek action onscreen, but missed tussling with some of the show’s other major monsters. Now, with … >

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