Day of the Triffids stamps marking classic British cult science fiction

Classic British cult science fiction coming to stamps

The Royal Mail commemorates from classic British cult science fiction in a new set of stamps Coming on April 15 are a set of six new stamps from Royal Mail on the them of Classic British science fiction. It’s the usual suspects (and why not?!): Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein HG Wells The Time Machine Aldous Huxley Brave New World … >

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The Martian Invasion Of Earth review

After a slight delay (it was originally planned for last autumn), Big Finish has released its final HG Wells title, The Martian Invasion of Earth. Adapted and directed by Nick Briggs, it stars Richard Armitage as the narrator, now firmly established as Herbert Wells (the novel avoids names for most characters). Herbert’s wife, Amy, is … >

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HG Wells The Time Machine (audio) review

With September’s release of The Time Machine, the Big Finish range of HG Wells audios hits the home straight with this two-disc adaption by Marc Platt of this classic story. Starring Ben Miles (The Crown) in the role of the nameless Time Traveller, it’s a very faithful telling of the original text, and worthy of … >

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John Hurt as the War Doctor

Audio review: John Hurt is Big Finish’s ‘The Invisible Man’

Kicking off their HG Wells season, which promises six stories throughout 2017, Big Finish present the incomparable John Hurt as The Invisible Man. Respectfully delayed by a few weeks for the saddest of reasons, fans can now enjoy the first of two bittersweet treats this month – not only does John Hurt voice the titular … >

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‘Doctor Who’ writer developing new ‘War Of The Worlds’ adaptation

The makers of Poldark are working on a major new TV adaptation of The War Of The Worlds. Mammoth Screen’s project is reportedly set to coincide with the expiration of the copyright on HG Wells’ novel in December 2016. Doctor Who writer Peter Harness (‘Kill the Moon’, ‘The Zygon Invasion’) is apparently developing a mini-series … >

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