Day of the Triffids stamps marking classic British cult science fiction

Classic British cult science fiction coming to stamps

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The Royal Mail commemorates from classic British cult science fiction in a new set of stamps

Classic Science Fiction first day cover
Classic Science Fiction first day cover

Coming on April 15 are a set of six new stamps from Royal Mail on the them of Classic British science fiction. It’s the usual suspects (and why not?!):

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

HG Wells The Time Machine

Aldous Huxley Brave New World

John Wyndham Day of the Triffids

Arthur C Clarke Childhood’s End

Doris Lessing Shakista.

We have to own up to only having read five of these — something we must remedy. The Royal Mail is no stranger to special releases, and in recent years we’ve had Star Wars, James Bond, Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Rupert the Bear and Doctor Who.

You can order your stamps now (including First Day Cover options) from the Royal Mail. There are also presentation packs and sheets available as well, as are some products for the other titles listed above (except for Doctor Who).