Big Finish announce two more Lost Doctor Who Stories

‘Operation Werewolf’ and the original plan for ‘The Three Doctors’ both become Doctor Who Lost Stories.  Doctor Who has a long and varied back catalogue of stories, stretching over six decades. Of course, all the tales we treasure went through changes before entering production. Since 2009, audio producers Big Finish have explored various scripts and … >

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Doctor Who - The Quin Dilemma cover art crop

The Quin Dilemma – Big Finish celebrate 40 Years of the Sixth Doctor (updated)

Multiple Sixth Doctors will converge to mark Ol’ Sixie’s forty years of TARDIS travel.  Updated 19/03/24: Trailer released for The Quin Dilemma. Ahead of its release on Friday, 22nd March, there’s a trailer for the celebratory Sixth Doctor tale. The Quin Dilemma sees four iterations of the bombastic Sixth Doctor drawn together to combat a … >

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Torchwood: Sabotage – Doctor Who’s Ace has a third audio encounter

Once upon a time, Dorothy McShane used to blow things up. Now she runs a charity putting them back together. Mr Colchester works for Torchwood, and he’s suspicious of everything. Torchwood’s 80th monthly audio release, out this February, reteams former Doctor Who companion Ace (Sophie Aldred) with the organisation’s Mr Colchester (Paul Clayton). While crossovers … >

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Big Finish release a book of Doctor Who cover art

Doctor Who – The Art of the Audio Adventures showcases the covers from more than twenty years of Big Finish audio dramas.  As Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary approaches, there’s no end of merchandise on offer. The latest comes from Big Finish, the home of Doctor Who audio dramas – who present a volume which celebrates … >

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Torchwood: Among Us teaser image

Torchwood: Among Us Part 2 – story details & guest cast revealed

Bilis Manger returns, along with Yvonne Hartman. So does Ianto Jones – but how?  The continuing story of Torchwood leaps back into audio action very soon. Picking up on the Cardiff-based, post-Miracle Day events chronicled in Aliens Among Us and God Among Us, a new run of three boxsets begins in May 2023. Simply titled … >

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Dark Season: Legacy Rising – Kate Winslet joins Big Finish (updated)

The star reunites with Russell T Davies for a sequel to Dark Season, his 1991 children’s television series.  Updated 17/03/23: Ahead of its May release, Big Finish have revealed the cover for Dark Season: Legacy Rising. The artwork, by Sean Longmore, centres on the series’ three young leads. That’s Nina Lewis (Bethany Antonia), Jack Parton … >

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Torchwood Double Part 1 cover art crop

Torchwood: Double Part 1 audio review

It’s another new era for Torchwood, as 1970s head Roberta Craven deals with an oily Auton threat Since landing on audio in 2015, Big Finish has been industriously filling out the Torchwood timeline past and future. However, the closest we’ve come to the 1970s is ‘The Dollhouse’, a one-off Charlie’s Angels inspired tale based in … >

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