Dark Season: Legacy Rising – Kate Winslet joins Big Finish (updated)

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The star reunites with Russell T Davies for a sequel to Dark Season, his 1991 children’s television series. 

Updated 17/03/23: Ahead of its May release, Big Finish have revealed the cover for Dark Season: Legacy Rising.

The artwork, by Sean Longmore, centres on the series’ three young leads. That’s Nina Lewis (Bethany Antonia), Jack Parton (Jacob Dudman) and Taylor Sullivan (Aitch Wylie).

Big Finish Dark Season Legacy Rising cover

Naturally, the show’s legacy cast are represented too, including a certain Ms. Winslet. We wonder whatever happened to her…?

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Original article (of 14/11/22) continues…

Dark Season: Legacy Rising – Kate Winslet joins Big Finish

The star reunites with Russell T Davies for a sequel to Dark Season, his 1991 children’s television series. 

When the audiobook of RTD’s Dark Season novelisation landed last year, there was a hint of more to come.

Dark Season

However, despite Big Finish’s success at luring high-profile names such as John Hurt and Derek Jacobi to their productions, we didn’t dare to dream that Kate Winslet might reprise her first major television character for them.

The actress, who’s due to appear in Avatar: The Way of Water this year, and recently made small screen waves in Mare of Easttown, will return to her role as Reet for the upcoming Dark Season: Legacy Rising.

Dark Season

The four-part audio drama sequel returns us to Bishop Grave School some thirty years on.

Here’s the synopsis:

For as long as anyone can remember, there have been stories about Bishop Grave School. Terrible secrets were once buried within its foundations, screaming to be unleashed. Some children spoke of ghosts… others, strange noises… but nobody ever believed them.

Those who remember – and dare – still talk of the events from thirty years ago. They whisper about conspiracies and computers, fascists and scientists… and a mysterious man called Eldritch who wanted to bring about the end of the world.

Taylor Sullivan knows these stories better than anyone – their mother lived through them – but even that cannot prepare them for what’s to come. As a new year brings fresh dangers, can Taylor and their friends discover the secrets of Bishop Grave’s past… before that past discovers them?

Each of episode of Dark Season: Legacy Rising comes from a different writer.

The four parts are:

‘Spring’ by Tim Foley, ‘Summer’ by Chris Chapman, ‘Autumn’ by James Goss and ‘Winter’ by Russell T Davies.

Kate Winslet reunites with returning cast members Victoria Lambert (Marcie), Ben Chandler (Tom), Brigit Forsyth (Jessica Maitland) and Grant Parsons as the mysteriously sinister Mr Eldritch.

Joining them are a new generation of sleuthing students played by Bethany Antonia, Jacob Dudman, and newcomer Aitch Wylie as Taylor Sullivan.

The series’ script editor, director and producer is Scott Handcock (recently announced as the new Doctor Who script editor).

Speaking about her return to Dark Season, Kate Winslet said:

“I was delighted to be asked to come back! It’s been genuinely moving and wonderful to revisit those early days of my career. What a way to start, with the now legendary Russell T Davies! I really treasure those early moments when I learnt so much. Those invaluable early days starting out as a small fish in an enormous pond…. it was a pivotal time in my life.

“Now, the story goes on and there’s a whole other generation of young people who will enjoy Dark Season. It’s been absolutely lovely to be invited back and to be able to give my voice to the character again after so many years, is very special.”

Kate Winslet (Reet) & Russell T Davies
Kate Winslet (Reet) & Russell T Davies (c) Big Finish

Russell T Davies added:

“This has been one of the great joys of my life. The first show I ever wrote, back again, with brand-new adventures! And to get all the cast back together – Kate, Victoria, Brigit, Grant and Ben – is the greatest compliment of all. All of us united in very happy memories.”

Dark Season: Legacy Rising will be released as a collector’s edition 5-disc CD box set + download, or just as a download. It’s released in May 2023, and you can pre-order it from Big Finish now.