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Torchwood – Big Finish embraces the future with a new Ood Trilogy (updated)

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The audio series follows the human survivors of ‘The Satan Pit’ as they put the Ood into Torchwood

Updated 09/10/23: Covers and cast details released for the autumn of the Ood.

As we begin the Torchwood Ood trilogy on audio, Big Finish have released covers and cast details for each of the trilogy’s three tales.

Each story stars a cast member from Doctor Who‘s memorably scary 2006 two-parter ‘The Impossible Planet’ / ‘The Satan Pit’.

Torchwood: Odyssey

Torchwood Odd Trilogy: Odyssey

October brings us Torchwood: Odyssey, written by Patrick O’Connor and directed by Lisa Bowerman.

The story stars Claire Rushbrook, reprising her role as scientist Isa Scott. She’s joined by a cast which includes Jay Perry as Dr Odysseus Scott and Silas Carson as the Ood.

There’s a trailer just released too:

Torchwood: Oodunnit

Torchwood Odd Trilogy: Oodunnit

November’s tale is Torchwood: Oodunnit, written by James Goss and directed by Bethany Weimers.

With Silas Carson voicing the Ood, Shaun Parkes returns as Zachary Cross Flane to solve a murder. The cast also includes Paul Panting, Amanda Shodeko, Sam Stafford and Belinda Stewart-Wilson.

Torchwood: Oracle

Torchwood Ood Trilogy: Oracle

Finally, in December, it’s Torchwood: Oracle – written by Ash Darby, directed by Lisa Bowerman.

Ronny Jutti returns to the role of Danny Bartock, with Silas Carson again voicing the Ood. They’re joined by Teresa Banham, James Barriscale, Georgina Beedle and Farshid Rokey.

All three covers are painted by the talented Sean Longmore and are available to pre-order from Big Finish now.

Original article (of 22/09/23) follows…

Torchwood – Big Finish embraces the future with a new Ood Trilogy

The audio series follows the human survivors of ‘The Satan Pit’ as they put the Ood into Torchwood

Along with the Weeping Angels and the Vashta Nerada, the Ood are one of the standout creations of Doctor Who’s modern era.

Introduced in the devilish Series 2 two-parter ‘The Impossible Planet’/’The Satan Pit’, the subservient, spaghetti mouthed aliens have continued to pop up variously, as recently as 2022’s Flux.

While the assembled Ood failed to survive their encounter with The Beast on Krop Tor, three of the humans did. Working for the Torchwood Archive, Zachary Cross Flane (Shaun Parkes), scientist Ida Scott (Claire Rushbrook) and ethicist Danny Bartock (Ronny Jhutti) all lived to tell the tale. Now, Big Finish are presenting a loose Ood-themed Torchwood audio drama trilogy to follow their 43rd Century adventures.

Shaun Parkes has reprised Zachary Cross Flane before, for Torchwood: Empire of Shadows, and Claire Rushbrook works regularly with the company (as Tula Chenka in The Robots), but this marks Ronny Jhutti’s debut on Big Finish.

Shaun Parkes, Ronny Jhutti, Claire Rushbrook © BBC Studios

Across all three stories, Silas Carson returns to voice the Ood.

The Torchwood Ood trilogy

Released between October and December 2023, the stories are ‘Odyssey’ by Patrick O’Connor, ‘Oodunnit’ by James Goss and ‘Oracle’ by Ash Darby.


Ida Scott has spent her life running from her father. But now she’s come looking for him.

The Spire is an ancient relic left behind by The Resilient – a mysterious race who warped both gravity and time.

Odysseus Scott lies dying in a bed in The Spire. He believes it will cure him. But are The Resilient really dead?


Who would murder an Ood? In the 43rd Century, all the Earth Empire’s waste goes to the recycling world of Paraglas IV. But has something else been sent there? Something worth killing for?

The Torchwood Archive sends Zachary Cross Flane to investigate, and he uncovers a terrible secret. The Empire has a use for everyone, even after death.


In the 43rd Century, the height of the Earth Empire. A ship from 1000 years in the future has crashed on a lava world and is calling for help. How dangerous is the knowledge it offers?

The Torchwood Archive sends Danny Bartock. Because only an ethicist can save humanity from the future.

Producer James Goss said:

“For this Ood trilogy script editor Tim Foley suggested we follow the game of Rock Paper Scissors, so each part of the trilogy looks at a different aspect of humanity’s future. We start on a world where the seas are rock, in Oodunnit we visit the Empire’s recycling planet and, finally, in Oracle we find out if truth is the sharpest knife of all. Who will be the winner?”

Each of the three Torchwood audio adventures are available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD (+download), or on download only, from Big Finish.