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Revolution of the Daleks — What’s next for the Thirteenth Doctor?

With the dust settling on the recent festive special, Revolution of the Daleks, we are left with a few questions. Here is some Doctor Who Series 13 speculation, spoiler-free… Space Prison Did the Doctor’s incarceration take place on a version of Shada? Though it was never confirmed onscreen, it certainly looked like it! The Time … >

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Doctor Who: Tom Baker is back in live action!

There’s an added treat for those picking up the BBC’s new release of the long-time-incomplete Doctor Who story, Shada. For not only has Tom Baker returned to voice animation, that’s been used to bridge the material for the story that wasn’t recorded. Turn out he’s back in live action, too! He appears in a newly-shot … >

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Doctor Who: here’s the trailer for the Shada release

BBC Worldwide is finally releasing this week its reassembled version of the infamously unfinished Doctor Who adventure, Shada. It’s been a long time coming, and is likely to be the closest we’ll get to a definitive version of the tale. The story, penned by Douglas Adams, began filming in 1979 with Tom Baker in the … >

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