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Revolution of the Daleks — What’s next for the Thirteenth Doctor?

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With the dust settling on the recent festive special, Revolution of the Daleks, we are left with a few questions. Here is some Doctor Who Series 13 speculation, spoiler-free…

Space Prison

Did the Doctor’s incarceration take place on a version of Shada? Though it was never confirmed onscreen, it certainly looked like it! The Time Lord prison was introduced in the famously uncompleted story of the same name, written by Douglas Adams. It was where her people put the worst criminals in the universe.

More importantly, the Doctor escaped rather than overturning her conviction. Can we expect her to be permanently looking over her shoulder? Perhaps there will be an A-Team style motif, with the Doctor always thwarting a Judoon Captain at the last moment. Certainly it puts the Doctor back on the run, much like when he first fled Gallifrey.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

The re-return of Captain Jack Harkness was possibly the worst kept secret in fandom; his earlier cameo, in Fugitve of the Judoon. primarily working as a distraction to help conceal the real shock of that story: the debut of Jo Martin’s Doctor.

While he served as a solid man-at-arms, much as the character was originally conceived, Jack did not get much of a send-off. Does this suggest a further return?  Also, with a mention of Gwen Cooper, should we get our hopes up for a Torchwood revival onscreen? Even if not, it is worth noting that Big Finish dropped news of a Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover, the show’s fiftieth monthly audio drama, once Revolution had aired!

Exit Graham and Ryan

With the dynamic duo choosing to remain on Earth, is this truly the last of Graham and Ryan? Both equipped with psychic paper, we imagine there might be a guest spot before the end of Jodie Whittaker’s tenure. Possibly at the end of the series currently being filmed, if rumours are to be believed.

Could trolls and gravel creatures be a hint as to what is coming up in Series 13? Or indeed, if a new Torchwood does materialise, will they do a ‘Martha’ and crossover? Captain Jack appears to recruit the ‘Silver Fox’ for Torchwood Five: Sheffield?

The Other Jack

Of course, the Captain was not the only returning Jack; Chris Noth reprised his role as the slimy businessman Jack Roberston. Here, he was involved in a shady deal with an ambitious British politician.

It was great to see a loose end from Arachnids in the UK picked up, although Robertson got off scot-free again! Despite attempting to betray humanity, he looks to have his political ambitions back on track. We have a hunch we will be seeing Robertson again… perhaps as US President next time!

John Bishop joins Doctor Who as Dan

Three’s Company

With the two companion exits, we were left with The Doctor and Yaz. The first all-female line up in Doctor Who’s history… for all of about thirty seconds. Then we learned about the casting of John Bishop as Dan, who joins them in the new series.

With a three-person team, hopefully we can look forward to a fairer balancing of the stories with more for Mandip Gill’s Yaz to do! There will potentially be an interesting dynamic too, with Dan older but Yaz more experienced, and perhaps possessive of the Doctor.

Dalek Detritus

While it might not have been much of a revolution, we quite liked the 3D printed Dalek drones. However, surely the UK is now littered with pieces of broken Dalek? Can we expect to see Dalek-ish technology being incorporated all over the place. It is not as though anyone will have to go to the lengths of stealing it this time. Can we expect a sequel to this sequel?

The Infinity Doctors

What can we expect from Series 13 in story terms? Brief lines about Ko Sharmus, the Lone Cyberman and the death particle seemed to wrap up last series’ plotlines. However, the Doctor’s chat with Ryan suggested she will get back to finding out about her past pretty quickly.

Odds on we can expect a return for Jo Martin’s ‘Fugitive’ Doctor, as well as more from Sacha Dhawan’s explosive Master. Let’s hope there is a fair amount of saving the universe too! Until then we can expect a lot more Doctor Who series 13 speculation.