5 reasons why Paul McGann’s Doctor should be your favourite

As a life-long Doctor Who fan, the hardest and most annoying question to answer is, “Who’s your favourite Doctor?”

Here Liam South provides five reasons why the Eighth Doctor should be your answer…


McGann’s tenure as the Doctor may have been brief on television, but his Big Finish work is truly astounding.


In the space of an hour, McGann manages to give his Doctor more depth and zaniness than most other Doctors do in their first season.


The TV Movie’s TARDIS set is glorious, full of candles and moody lighting and McGann looks well and truly at home in it.


McGann’s ‘Night of the Doctor’ costume is my personal favourite Doctor costume, combining all the best parts of the classic Doctors and the new.


McGann’s Big Finish companion, Lucie Miller, is wonderful and their chemistry is easily on par with most of the TV Doctor/companion relationships.


Who’s your favourite Doctor? Let us know below…

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