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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: the story of its multiple cuts

One of the very small collection of films that Steven Spielberg has written as well as directed (the other example being A.I.), Close Encounters Of The Third Kind has been celebrating its 40th birthday this year, most recently with the re-release of the film on Blu-ray and Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray formats. What’s particularly interesting...

Red Dwarf: revisiting the fifth series

To prepare for its twelfth series landing on Dave this month, I’m rewatching all of Red Dwarf from the beginning. This week it’s time to take some luck virus and avoid making Mr Flibble cross in Red Dwarf V.

Red Dwarf: revisiting the fourth series

In the run-up to its twelfth series, which lands on Dave on 12th October, I’m rewatching Red Dwarf from the beginning. This week it’s time to reach for the maple syrup, taramasalata, or (if it makes any difference) hummus in Red Dwarf IV. With bigger sci-fi adventures and the addition of Kryten as a full-time...

Father Ted’s best episodes

Across just three short series, Father Ted proved itself to be one of the funniest sitcoms of recent decades. Here our our pick of the best. Here are our favourite episodes.