Five old school films for a date night win

Flirt dating

All the hard work is done, you’ve been on all the flirt dating websites, with hours of graft and conversation and she has agreed to come over for a movie night…

But, we want to take it a little step further and see what ‘Netflix and chill’ is really all about. However, there’s plenty more to do and you now find yourself fronted with a different set of challenges. There’s not just what to wear, what to eat, or ‘how many times can I text her without sounding creepy?’. Just as important is deciding what film to watch.

If you’re looking to push for that second, third and fourth base and end the night with a bang, excuse the pun, then selecting the right film can set you on your way to pleasure town.

Choosing what film will help get you laid is your next step; here are some top tips to get you started. These films deliver all the agony and excitement of a real passionate relationship, and by the end, when the lovers kiss and the credits roll down the screen, the girl next to you on the sofa will have been through all of it by your side. By now she believes in true love and the power of making love, this my friend, is where you come in!

Donnie Darko (2001)

Well, this is a simple movie to start with, its Jake Gyllenhaal for goodness sake. He is a turn on and your girl will be glued to the film all night. With this in mind, throw into the mix the temptation of his character being a high school outcast, we all love an outsider and the ability of time travel allowing you to know that Donnie is going to die, then there is only one thing for it! Have sex, before, God forbid time travel lets this happens to either of you!

Love actually (2003)

Love Actually

Okay, obvious choice I know, but this intersecting complex world of romance, love, heartbreak, drama and passion has everything you need to get the evening off to the right start. Whether your girl loves the thought of being rescued by her one true love, or falls for someone voicing their unreciprocated love, or the notion of second chances conquering all then this film has it all. Either way, this film has got you covered and gets her thinking about what it would be like if you did something similar!

Knocked up (2007)

Knocked Up

Believe it or not as much as this film suggests that having sex or a one night stand was a bad idea what is actually attractive here is the idea of fate. Fate brings people together and if your partner believes that there are no accidents and things are meant to happen for a reason well then, this is where you come in.

The tone of this movie suggests that a baby conceived by mistake was all planned purposely by the powers above, in which case she may well be thinking something similar. If she believes in fate and is feeling intuitive, you guys are close and comfortable on the couch then this film spells out “sleep with him” as you could very well be the one! And of course, you can’t mess with the all powerful plan!

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

The title of this movie sounds hot before we start; also Barcelona is one of the most romantic cities in the world, so your scene is set! However, from the outset this film sounds like it’s going to be a huge turn on for the guys, which it is, simply because of Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, and Rebecca Hall all playing starring roles.

However, your girl will be more interested in the sexual power of Javier Bardem. He plays a sexy free spirit, roaming around the city as his playground looking for inspiration for his artwork. He quickly finds himself at the centre of a love triangle which will be the focal point for your partner.

Their lives will provide such a romantic insight of what life would be like in Barcelona’s seductive streets that she will want to rein act every aspect she can. So don’t blame me if your lucky lady starts speaking Spanish, getting tapas and red wine from the kitchen and wants to stay up all night making fiery love.

Friends with benefits (2011)

Friends With benefits

Again sticking with a gorgeous and red hot cast as the foundation for the movie you can’t go wrong with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. The friends with benefits thing will be the hot topic between you and your partner all night, an opportunity to share experiences, talk about sex and bring up the word sex without it sounding creepy.

This instantly transports both of your minds on to ‘what if’ and from here during the film your emotions will be on a rollercoaster of either having casual sex or sex because you are in true love, either way, you win right?!

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