Choose Your Own Adventure show in the works at Netlfix


Once upon a time, Dodgeball director Rawson Marshall Thurber was working on a live action movie based on the once-hugely-popular Choose Your Own Adventure books. That eventually hit the skids, with Thurber making films such as We’re The Millers and the upcoming Skyscraper instead.

However, it looks as if Netflix has picked up the Choose Your Own Adventure idea, for a new television project. And you’d have to say that the streaming giant has the technology to actually pull it off.

The new show will be aimed at an adult audience – but not in a fruity way – and the idea is as it sounds: that at key points in the story, you’ll be able to choose which direction the narrative will go. The PlayStation 4 game Until Dawn does this really rather well. Maybe they could use that as a starting point?

No idea yet on what to expect this. Colour us intrigued, though…